14 Amazing Facts From The Entire Dark Souls Series

Shh…Can you hear the sound of ‘Git Gud’? The Dark Souls series is home to some of the best realized worlds in gaming, and developers From Software packed it dense full of secrets and lore that they then ask the players to put together. It’s helped the series have the staying power it did, but with so much going on, even the most hardcore players didn’t catch all of it. So here we have 14 amazing facts from the whole Dark Souls series that will really show just how deep the darkness goes.

Crystal Ring

Of the many inspirations that make up Dark Souls as a series, one of the stranger elements is a flash of Ultraman. Taken from the Japanese television show of the same name, the eponymous hero, Ultraman and his Ultra Slash attack was used as the basis for the Crystal Ring Shield’s ‘attack’. Director Hidetaka Miyazaki didn’t quite love how it came out, as the artist he explained it to didn’t quite understand the reference.