Batman: Arkham Series Developer Is Hiring For A Lot of Important Positions Right Now

Rocksteady Games is one of the most talented developers in the industry. They delivered arguably the best license tie in game ever with Batman: Arkham Asylum, upped the ante to deliver one of the greatest gams of all time with Batman: Arkham City, and then followed that up with- okay, Batman: Arkham Knight was pretty underwhelming. Still, though, 2/3 is a good track record, as these things go.

And now, it looks like they are gearing up for something new. According to a thread on ResetEra, it seems like Rocksteady is currently hiring for a lot of important positions- these include -Design Director, Senior Producer, Outsourcing Manager, Lead Animator, and Lead Technical Artist- among various other positions, too. You can check them out for yourself on Rocksteady’s site.

So… what are they gearing up for? Can we expect a major new announcement from them some time? It has been two and a half years since Arkham Knight released- surely they have something else coming up soon now, right?

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