January Nintendo Direct Leaked By EA Internal Emails- Rumor

That Nintendo will be having a Nintendo Direct early next year is something that many of us have expected for a while. Not only does Nintendo have a history of having events early in the year, outlining their release slate and plans for the next 12 months or so, but so far, they have no game with concrete release dates for 2018- if they wish to maintain the momentum the Switch has had so far, they need to keep up its cadence of games.

Now, we have gotten the first indication of a Nintendo Direct in January actually happening- apparently, internal EA emails have leaked (via Reddit), laying out their plans for two indie games they are publishing, A Way Out, and Fe, the latter of which is also coming to the Nintendo Switch- and that’s the rub, because their plans for Fe explicitly mention a Nintendo Direct in January (with the exact date not yet finalized).

Notably, the emails themselves look fairly legitimate- one of them is even using art that is so far not available for the games anywhere else. The timeline as laid out in the email seems to align with what we know of the games, too- so there is no real reason to doubt this.

If there is a Nintendo Direct this January, we can probably expect it to be as big as Nintendo’s Switch showcase was in January this year. That ought to be good.

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