LawBreakers Co-Founder Departs For “Secret” Epic Games Project

LawBreakers developer Boss Key Productions witnessed the departure of co-founder Arjan Brussee who revealed that he would be working on a “secret project” for Epic Games. Brussee had worked at Epic Games along with Cliff Bleszinski once upon a time before founding Guerrilla Games of Killzone and Horizon: Zero Dawn fame.

Having acted as COO for Boss Key, Brussee handled a number of aspects for the studio including production, finance, strategy and much more. His replacement has yet to be announced but Cliff Bleszinki chimed in on Brussee’s shift, wishing him well on future endeavours and noting that development was still on-going.

LawBreakers launched earlier this year in July for PS4 and PC but has met with numerous difficulties. On top of a meager player base at launch, the studio has been struggling to attract any more potential customers despite free weekends, large content updates and much more. There’s more content planned including a new class and maps so stay tuned for more information.