Media Molecule Reveals More Details For Dreams, Announces Plans For A Beta In 2018

Media Molecule’s upcoming creation-theatre game Dreams has been a bit of question mark for a long time now. It was announced back in 2015, but since then, we hadn’t heard a whole lot more about it- until a couple of days ago, that is. We were treated to an excellent trailer for the game at The Game Awards, which you can watch over here, and yesterday, at PSX, we got more info on the game.

Media Molecule’s Siobhan Reddy confirmed that everything that was shown in the trailer was created using the tools within Dreams itself, confirming that the tools at players’ disposal will be quite extensive, allowing them to make all sorts of games, from racers to RPGs.

Reddy also confirmed that Medial Molecule does indeed to launch a beta for the game some time in 2018, before the game’s full launch. A beta, of course, was expected to launch significantly earlier, back in 2016, but it’s encouraging to hear that those plans haven’t been fully scrapped- only postponed.

It was confirmed in the trailer at The Game Awards that Dreams will be releasing for the PS4 in 2018. Stay tuned to GamingBolt for continued updates on the game.