Persona 5 Sells Over 2 Million Copies Worldwide

persona 5

At one point, Atlus’s Persona 5 felt like it would be another great addition to the series which would sell perhaps a bit higher than its predecessor. However, ever since Persona 5 arrived in the West this past April, sales had skyrocketed overall. Now, Atlus USA has announced that the role playing game has sold over 2 million units worldwide since launch.

The publisher attached a special “thank you” note complete with a drawing from character designer Shigenori Soejima on Twitter. It features protagonist Joker along with talking cat thing Morgana. Persona 5 hasn’t just done well financially – it’s one of the highest rated games of the year across all platforms and a forerunner for several awards.

Whether it manages to overcome the competition or not, there’s no denying that Persona 5 has stolen the hearts of fans worldwide. There’s an Ultimate Edition on PS4 and PS3 for the fans who want everything though the price is fairly steep. Check out its contents here.