PS4 Will Continue To Dominate The Market In 2018, Says Sony

2017 has been an excellent year for the PS4. Not only was it treated to a slew of excellent games, both exclusive and multiplatform, it also continued to perform exceedingly well in commercial terms. For instance, it was confirmed quite recently by Sony that the PS4 has now sold over 70 million units worldwide.

Sony Interactive Entertainment America president Shawn Layden took the stage at last night’s PSX event, and he stated that he was confident that the PS4 would continue its domination in the industry as 2018 rolls around as well. He also spoke about PSVR, stating that the system would perform better than year than it had this year, and that Sony expects more content creators to jump on board as well.

Layden also went on to talk about Sony’s policies regarding announcing new games without release dates, saying that Sony now only wants to confirm release dates for games when it feels confident and comfortable about them. He assured fans that the PS4 games that had been announced for 2018 would indeed be launching in 2018.

Layden’s words about the PS4’s dominance in 2018 sound incredibly confident, but not without reason. The PS4’s success in almost everything it attempts is incredible, and when you look at its lineup of games for next year, without heavy-hitters such as Days Gone, God of War, and Spider-Man in the pipeline, it’s easy to understand why he said what he said.