PSN Black Friday Sales Include Life Is Strange, Assassin’s Creed, Horizon, and More

Black Friday is here, which means you now have a chance to pick up a lot of stuff for less than full prices- which is me putting it mildly, it means you can pick up great stuff costing as much as peanuts now. Sony has decided to join in on the fun, with one of their typically great sales.

Among the games on offer include Shadow of Mordor, Shadow of War, Assassi’s Creed Syndicate and OriginsDragon Age: Game of the Year EditionLife is Strange, Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Horizon: Zero Dawn, every Uncharted game, Persona 5, Final Fantasy 15, DanganRonpa 1, 2, and 3, Battlefield 1, Destiny 2, and many, many more- you can check out the full list of games, on offer across PS3, PS4, PSVR, and PS Vita, here.

If you haven’t picked them up already, I recommend Persona 5, Yakuza 0, DanganRonpa 3, and Life is Strange– they’re superlative games, and you will enjoy them greatly.