PSN Holiday Sale Week 2 Includes The Last of Us, Star Wars Battlefront


PSN is currently having its annual Holiday Sales, and we’re now into week two. The first week had some rather good deals, with games like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on offer. Week two, by comparison, seems to be pretty disappointing.

The titles on offer of note include Star Wars Battlefront and The Last of Us – but those are also the only titles of note on offer. Everything else seems to be pretty disappointing, although fans of Final Fantasy will probably want to look in on Final Fantasy: Type 0 HD. The biggest attraction with that game, the included demo of Final Fantasy XV, may no longer apply, but it’s still a reasonably fun game to play- provided you don’t go in with high expectations.

So, um… yeah, those are terrible. I guess The Last of Us is something you absolutely should have at all costs, but that begs the question- why would you not have it already?