World of Final Fantasy Is Now Out On PC

World of Final Fantasy

If you ask a long time fan of the Final Fantasy series, they will tell you that the best Final Fantasy game released last year wasn’t the long in the coming Final Fantasy 15but rather, something else entirely. They will point to the humble and unassuming World of Final Fantasy, a charming and cute spin off of the franchise made in the vein of Pokemon, and tell you that it was actually the secret best Final Fantasy game of the year.

Well, if you are a PC gamer, you get to now verify its merits for yourself, because Square Enix has announced that the game is coming to PC; in fact, it is available right now on Steam. You can go buy it today! Whoo.

If you need any more convincing, you can always check out the trailer for it below. Conversely, you could pick it up on PS4 and Vita.